‘I’m not a doctor’ – Arkham Asylum Let’s Play: Part 2

To cap off the day, we have part 2 of our Batman: Arkham Asylum playthrough from our reviewer/games man James!

We see the Batmobile being smashed up by goons, the Riddler stepping into the scene, and Batman using his detective skills to follow some whisky bourbon, as James explains his proficiency in medical skills!

Things are amping up now, so stay tuned for more! We’ll have guest speakers in further Let’s Plays as well, so keep an eye out!


The Bookmark #1: It’s Not Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Sings


Welcome all, to the first installment of our newest column, The Bookmark! Here, we spotlight our favourite moments in comic book history, the build up towards them, and the effect they had on both us as an audience, and the future of the comic. We try to include a range of comics, from past to present, so you guys get a chance to see all different kinds of eras!

This week, we’ve heard all about Marvel’s Phase 3 movie lineup, featuring the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, as the root of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ problems. So appropriately, I’ve decided to spotlight one of my favourite moments from Infinity Gauntlet – arguably the definitive Thanos story.

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Arrow S3E4 ‘The Magician’ Review – SPOILERS ARE LOCKED AND LOADED

If I had to summarise this weeks episode of Arrow, it would mostly likely go something like ‘DAAAAMMMMNNN’. The case of Sara’s murder comes to a turning point this week, with Oliver and Nyssa’s bows aimed at Malcolm Merlyn, who they find out, is still alive and is in Starling. They also reveal that Merlyn’s assassin name, or whatever the title is, is ‘The Magician’, fitting, considering how well he disappears and is always one step ahead.

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Quite a welcomed change, the show takes a break from the ‘meta-human villain of the week’ to bring us a non meta–human who has managed to not only hurt Barry, but shake the whole team up, as we discover that Cisco had designed the ‘cold gun’ as a means to stop Barry if he were to turn out as an evil meta-human. The puns were a little stretched, but no where as bad a Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin, but don’t even get me started on that train wreck. They do both go after a diamond though.

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Marvel’s Agents of Shield S2E6 ‘A Fractured House’ Review – WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS

It was going to be a highly anticipated episode of SHIELD this week as the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was said to be shown for the first time, in attempt to draw back some of the viewers who left I’d imagine. However, being leaked a week early, a reason to watch the episode may have left with the teaser. That being said for regular viewers, it was quite a big episode of SHIELD this week as Hydra manages to strike big blow.

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