Extra Credit – Mjolnir


Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of … Thor

Today in Extra Credit, we take a look at the mighty hammer of Thor; Mjolnir.



Mjolnir was forged using the core of a star under the order of Odin, by Dwarven blacksmiths. It was originally wielded by Odin, who used it to slay the Frost Giant, Laufey, before being passed onto his son, Thor. The hammer has then generally stayed by Thor’s side and thus its history is the same as Thor’s.



Being made of the Asgardian metal, Uru, Mjolnir is already highly durable and powerful. Add on the fact that Odin enchants it and you have one pretty badass weapon; but it has many other uses as well.

  • Worthiness Enchantment – only those worthy may wield the hammer. To anyone else, it can not be lifts nor taken away from its user. However, as Thor is its true master, he has the ability to bypass the enchantment and allow another to lift it.
  • Mystical Link – Mjolnir has an almost telepathic connection with Thor, obeying his commands from thought
  • Weather Manipulation – allows Thor to control the base elements of a storm; including rain, wing, lightning, thunder and more
  • Flight – by throwing Mjolnir and holding onto the leather strap, Thor has the ability to fly and even hover by controlling the wind
  • Energy Projection – can shoot powerful blasts of energy
  • Energy Sensing/Absorption and Redirection – allows Thor to sense all forms of energy such as someone’s aura, or an incoming attack. Mjolnir would also allow him to absorp that energy and shoot it back.
  • Transformation – originally, under his mortal guise of Donald Blake, Mjolnir would transform him between the two identities as well as becoming a walking stick instead of a hammer
  • Put nails in – it is a hammer after all

Now those are just the ‘standard’ powers. Mjolnir also possess some pretty ridiculous abilities:

  • Matter Manipulation – by spinning Mjolnir at the right speeds, Thor can transmutate matter at a molecular level
  • Resurrection – allowed Thor to revive a man he had wrongfully killed
  • Invisibility/Intangibility – allows Thor to turn himself and others invisible and/or intangible as well as affect the same abilities of others, such as Vision.
  • Lethal to the undead – Thor killed a vampire with Mjolnir
  • Time Travel


Notable Users

The list of people who have been deemed worthy is quite short, but we still aren’t going to list them all. Here are some you may have heard of:

  • Thor (obviously)
  • Odin (duh, it was his before)
  • Beta Ray Bill (who later gets his own hammer, Stormbreaker)
  • Captain America
  • Wonder Man
  • Throg (Frog Thor)
  • Superman and Wonder Woman (not in the main continuity of course)

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