Arrow S3E15 ‘Nanda Parbat’ Review – SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME SPOILERS


Since Ra’s stabbed Ollie and kicked him off a cliff, we’ve all been awaiting a rematch. And so has Ollie. Lately, the show has contained a lot of reveals, not to us, but to the characters within. The cards are all on the table now, no more secrets, no more lies. This now culminates in Merlyn’s all but certain fate (yet we know how many twists this show has) and a lot of guilt flying around.

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Comic Reviews 26/2/15


Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s comic reviews! Just a little announcement – as you may have noticed, our output’s been a little sparse this week. This is due to the fact that many of us are going back to Uni, and getting busy with work. If you’re an avid comic fan, or writer (or both!), send us an email, and write for us! You can hit us up at

Nonetheless, some good ones this week! We have our favourite Gotham Academy hit the shelves again, as well as some classic Darth Vader + more! We’ll be adding reviews as the day goes on, so always stay tuned and read the verdicts!

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Comic Reviews 19/2/15


Welcome folks, to another week of comic reviews! This week showcases a lot of our favourites, plus some that are unfortunately doomed to cancellation in the near future! Thankfully, this hasn’t been hurting their quality, as many still hold up next to other books in their publishing, and we’ll be sad to see them go. Plus, more indie love with Tooth & Claw, and Morrison’s Multiversity! Read on, friend, and find out the verdict!

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The Flash S01E14 ‘Fallout’ – FUSION SPOILERS


Hey guys! It’s me SpEdwin and I’m back! Sorry for going MIA but I’ve finally got my internet problem fixed.

So this week on the flash we finally see the eradication of some annoying character and some advancements in military technology. More revelations behind the villain complex and perhaps more is revealed on Harrison Well’s plans. Where to start? Somewhere hot…nuclear hot.

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‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Director teases movie concept art

The upcoming installment in the ‘X-Men’ franchise, X-Men Apocalypse, is surprisingly not far off. Proposed to hit in 2016, the movie will arrive a mere two years after it’s predecessor, Days of Future Past. Even more luckily for us, the director, Bryan Singer, has released some early concept art.


The image looks to sport the gigantic celestial spacecraft, also an A.I., named Ship. It’s been a mainstay support character/transport of the classic villain since his inception. As for the figure, we’re not 100% sure. Since Marvel Studios owns the right to the Celestials (see: Guardians of the Galaxy), it could be anyone, and it could mean the origins of Ship itself are different. In any case, we look forward to more to be released!

Ultimate Farewell: Why I’ll miss Marvel’s ‘Ultimate’ line



Look guys – I’ll be honest. I’m not the most diehard fan of Marvel’s Ultimate Comics line. I was following the Ultimate Spider-Man series back in the day, but stopped around issue 115, and outside that I’ve only read huge stories like the Ultimates 1 and 2, Ultimate Galactus, some of the Miles Morales stuff and little else. It’s not that it hasn’t appealed to me – believe me, I’m all for the idea – I just never got around to it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not sad to see it go.

The Ultimate Universe meant a lot to people in many ways. It was the launch-pad for some of the most successful writers today – Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, and many more. It gave us a refresher on some of our most beloved and iconic characters, and in a lot of ways, deviated from the originals – largely for the better. There were a few missteps, in which writers felt pressured to make it as gritty and realistic as possible (*cough Ultimatum cough*), but it was an interesting take on an already well established mythos. Now, Marvel is merging all their stray universe, a la Crisis on Infinite Earths, with their upcoming Secret Wars event. That includes the Ultimate Universe. Sure, some characters will survive, but ultimately (pardon the pun), the magic of seeing characters develop in all new ways will be gone. And it’s primarily this reason that I’ll miss it.

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