Constantine S1E12 ‘Angels and Ministers of Grace’ Review – SPOILERS ARE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!

Constantine - Season 1 For most of the season we’ve seen Manny come and go as he pleases, messing around with John. But lately Manny has started to change in a way that we see him helping John more often. It’s good right? I mean we’re finally getting some character development with this Angel, and he’s certainly getting a few steps closer to earning the title “guardian angel.”

Our opening scene comes to a woman who’s looking for drugs in a neighbourhood that seems way out of her usual place to hang out. As she’s about to administer the drugs that are in a syringe she is murdered by some mysterious humanoid monstrous figure. When the cops arrive it turns out she wasn’t dead as she sits up. Back at the house of mystery, Zed has found a place to rest in one of the mysterious rooms that open up to a tranquil garden. Manny pays John a visit and finally gives him a case, his first case from Manny about an overdosed woman. Constantine argues that he has not seen anything on the camp which Manny uses his angelic powers and burns the scryer map describing it as a crutch and that Constantine should be reading the signs more. The team head over to investigate and after examining the victim, they realise that she was attacked by dark matter after Constantine notices black veins across her body. Zed attempts to gain a vision and sees a white light, an angel and horrible pain. The victim suddenly flat lines and Zed goes in a seizure. After a CAT scan it is revealed that Zed has a tumour in a sensitive part of the brain which could explain her visions. Emotionally conflicted he goes out for a smoke where a doctor who is about to ask if he could also have a smoke is possessed by Manny. John is infuriated that he has been encouraging Zed to stretch past her limits prior to discovering the tumour and asks Manny to fix it. Having not satisfied with the response from Manny, Constantine sedates Manny with a vial of air from Hades. John then carves a spell into his chest binding Manny to the body and losing connection to his angel powers. Manny and Constantine then finally work together to discover who is behind the attacks. They follow flickering lights because dark matter interferes with illumination. It leads to a janitor’s closet where a drunken janitor had been killed. Constantine examines the body and finds a dark heart leading him to believe that the evil behind the attacks is in procession with a shard of the black diamond. Manny who is trapped in a human body also has no control over the human emotions and reactions and naturally does not take the dead body well. Constantine goes back to the house of mystery using Chas as a guinea pig to understand what happens when you touch a shard of the black diamond. Constantine finds a piece of shard that was kept in Jasper’s collection which he uses as part of the experiment. As the search continues, Manny pays Zed a visit to discuss about her tumour. Zed is fascinated but is also inspired that she would rather go through the pain in her head if it means saving lives and helping other people. Manny also meets Zed’s doctor, Galen. After Manny tells John about Zed they realise that Galen is the culprit which they try to pursue. During the chase, Zed realises what her vision meant and explains to John what the bright flash was. John immediately releases Manny out of the human host body which he comes back and saves Constantine and Zed. It turns out that light can fight off dark matter. Manny takes Galen to heaven leaving the black diamond momentarily shatter to the ground and then reassemble itself and join up with John’s shard. It’s really interesting to see Manny be put in a human body and go through what we go through. The episode has paved way to introduce Eclipso who is supposedly the evil sorceress that killed billions of people a long time ago through his evil. Constantine explains that his evil manifested into matter known as the black diamond when he was defeated. Scared that his evil was too great, the diamond was shattered into separate pieces so that no one could wield that much evil. A good set up I suppose but we’ll have to see if it really is Eclipso from the DC universe. Stay tuned for the season finale on the next episode!


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