The Flash S01E14 ‘Fallout’ – FUSION SPOILERS


Hey guys! It’s me SpEdwin and I’m back! Sorry for going MIA but I’ve finally got my internet problem fixed.

So this week on the flash we finally see the eradication of some annoying character and some advancements in military technology. More revelations behind the villain complex and perhaps more is revealed on Harrison Well’s plans. Where to start? Somewhere hot…nuclear hot.

Picking up from the last episode, it turns out that the quantum splitter actually succeeded in splitting both Stein and Ronnie. Yes finally! He’s free and we’re free from seeing all these guilty feelings from Cisco and Caitlyn. Caitlyn is most relieved that Ronnie isn’t dead but it leaves a question for the both of them. Can they move past all that’s happened or has the world become so different that they can’t escape it no matter what?

Meanwhile General Eiling is on the hunt for Firestorm attempting to retrieve anything he can to weaponize his own soldiers.

Joe takes Barry back to his old house and reveals that Cisco managed to create holographic images from what happened the night Barry’s mum died. Joe reveals that traces of blood were found and by analysing the protein in the blood, it was blood that belonged to an adult (it’s also Barry’s blood).

Realising that Barry has time travelled the night that his mum died, he seeks the help of Wells and Stein. He then explains to Stein that it’s not time travelling that gets Barry, it’s that he’s already done it and that he’s failed to stop the reverse flash.

Ronnie and Caitlyn are having coffee together when they are soon facing an attempted kidnap by the military. Luckily Stein warns Barry of this encounter and he comes to save them just in time. As the flash comes to save Ronnie, he faces off with general Eiling who has a weapon that was able to mobilise him.

After the attempted kidnap both Stein and Ronnie have their brains analysed. It is then discovered that the two brain ways are in sync and may be still connected to each other.

Wells contacts Eiling and eventually decides to give Stein up by pretending that General Eiling had broken in. The team attempt to retrieve Stein by using Ronnie’s mind link to locate Stein. The Flash brings Ronnie to Stein where they both merge back into Firestorm in a much more compatible way where they are both able to communicate and be in full control.

Ronnie and Stein decide that it’s not safe for them to stay and they should travel to seek help to understand more about the Firestorm matrix.

Meanwhile…oh yes the revelation. The reverse flash is back and he’s taken General Eiling for good! By bringing Eiling to an underground sewer, the same place that Grodd was found, Wells reveals to Eiling that he’s the reverse flash and that he’s been working with Grodd this whole time. Grodd comes out to attack Eiling revealing that Grodd is able to talk by repeating Eiling’s name.

So have you figured it out yet? Is Grodd part of the grand plan that the reverse has in store for us?

Till next time,
– Spedwin


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