Weekly DC Roundup 2/4/15

 batman eternal 52batman and robin annual 3gotham academy endgame batwoman annual 2harley quinn 16convergence 0

This week in the series I read from DC, we have the conclusion to some high profile series and the beginning of the multiverse-spanning Convergence event. These are tales of intrigue, camaraderie and punching aliens in the face. Read on to find out some more!

Weekly Review Round Up – Reviews by James

Quick Summaries (Spoilers very much included)

Batman Eternal #52 – Bats beats March, all the Gotham heroes, citizens and police band together to save the city, Red Hood and Batgirl admit they’re in to each other, and Bard resigns from the Commissioner’s post which is taken up by Maggie Sawyer. Bats and Selina Kyle seem to have made it official that they’re not semi-allies anymore, and Stephanie Brown now lives with Harper and Steph and Red Robin seem like they’ll have some kind of romantic connection later on.

Batman and Robin Annual #3 – Batman and Robin fight aliens in space. Robin saves Batman by disobeying him. Titus gets left out because the Justice League doesn’t have a dog spacesuit 😦

Gotham Academy: Endgame #1 – The girls tell scary stories about the Joker, and we see that the Headmaster is also some kind of fighter vigilante who goes by “the Custodian”. Think he only helps people on the school grounds though.

Batwoman Annual #2 – The team gets sent to an alternate reality where Morgaine is Queen, they then beat her and get back to their own reality. They also realise how great it is being part of a team.

Harley Quinn #16 – Harley hires a bunch of women to help her organise her life and to form a gang. But a good gang of course. She sets them up with their own accommodation and gear.

Convergence #0 – Weird stuff with Brainiac, but not Brainiac? I don’t really get it so far. Multiple universes and all that. Potentially don’t get it because I didn’t read whatever leads up to it (assume the Superman series???)


Batman Eternal #52 – This was a really good issue. It ended the series well. Was cool seeing all the heroes come together and I’m really looking forward to seeing the stories that come out of this after Convergence.

Batman and Robin Annual #3 – This issue was alright. I like seeing Bruce and Damien fight together and engage as father and son, but the aliens story was a little boring in my opinion.

Gotham Academy: Endgame #1 – This was basically just gathering around and talking about scary slightly Joker related stories. We’ll see if any of the stories are confirmed to be real. Personally I hope the teacher’s Scottish story is true, because it was definitely the most interesting.

Batwoman Annual #2 – The fight against Morgaine was very average, but the interaction between the characters made up for it. The ending was also pretty satisfying. Still hoping they’ll make these guys a permanent team at some point after Convergence.

Harley Quinn #16 – This issue could have done a bit better IMO. I think there were too many panels for the applicants and they could have been used for something more interesting, but in total it was good. I think the idea of a Harley gang could turn out either brilliantly or horribly.

Convergence #0 – I guess I liked it? I don’t really get what’s going on yet, and I should probably read up on what’s meant to happen in it, but I guess what I read was good.

Final Scores

Batman Eternal #52 – 8.8

Batman and Robin Annual #3 – 7

Gotham Academy: Endgame #1 – 7

Batwoman Annual #2 – 7.5

Harley Quinn #16 – 7

Convergence #0 – 7.5


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