The Flash S01E14 ‘Fallout’ – FUSION SPOILERS


Hey guys! It’s me SpEdwin and I’m back! Sorry for going MIA but I’ve finally got my internet problem fixed.

So this week on the flash we finally see the eradication of some annoying character and some advancements in military technology. More revelations behind the villain complex and perhaps more is revealed on Harrison Well’s plans. Where to start? Somewhere hot…nuclear hot.

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Constantine S1E12 ‘Angels and Ministers of Grace’ Review – SPOILERS ARE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!

Constantine - Season 1 For most of the season we’ve seen Manny come and go as he pleases, messing around with John. But lately Manny has started to change in a way that we see him helping John more often. It’s good right? I mean we’re finally getting some character development with this Angel, and he’s certainly getting a few steps closer to earning the title “guardian angel.”
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The Flash S1E12 ‘Crazy For You’ Review – SPOILERS STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE


Faster than a speeding bullet! The flash yet again demonstrates his ever increasing speed to reach the full maximum potential he has yet to yield. Some exciting developments on this week’s episode but not something we haven’t been anticipating for. Are you eager to know? I am too but let’s not get too fast into it because there are some key stories we need to follow.

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Constantine S1E11 ‘A Whole World Out There’ Review – SPOILERS. DON’T LOOK!

Not sure if it’s just me but I did feel like this episode was a bit scary. Not the first time you’ve heard me say this but that’s the nature of the show I guess. We’re revisiting an old friend ‘Richie’, one of the members of the Newcastle crew. In a nutshell, this episode was quite bland for me.

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