Weekly DC Roundup 2/4/15

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This week in the series I read from DC, we have the conclusion to some high profile series and the beginning of the multiverse-spanning Convergence event. These are tales of intrigue, camaraderie and punching aliens in the face. Read on to find out some more!

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BREAKING: Spider-Man to be shared by Marvel and Sony


Today it was announced that Spider-Man would be joining the likes of Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After months of speculation and rumours on the topic, which at times heralded the worst news that Sony Pictures Entertainment had declined Marvel’s offers, we were finally given what so many had hoped for. Spidey’s own movie has been scheduled for July 28, 2017 which is when the next Thor movie was meant to arrive. This means that Thor: Ragnarok and every movie coming out after it have been pushed back by one scheduled slot each. This does not include the Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 which have been kept in the same slots, with Inhumans now being released after them.

As stated in the official article on Marvel’s website, “Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU).” This seems to imply that Andrew Garfield has been kicked from the titular role, so it will be interesting to see who they pick to replace him, or if they even use Peter Parker for these movies. There hasn’t been any news on which film the character will debut in though, so we may not get to see him until 2017, but if it means they can do a truly great representation of the character then I think it’s worth it.

JAPANATHON: Anime and Manga Reviews


Hey everyone! Welcome to Japanathon, our newest column dedicated to covering all the ongoing Manga and Anime, as well as some series retrospectives, and opinions. This is also the debut review of one of our new writers, David, who’s looking at Fairy Tail this week. Plus we’ve got a retrospective on the popular anime Attack on Titan by another newcomer, Bryce. Enjoy!

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Constantine S1E8 ‘The Saint of Last Resorts’ Review – SPOILERS, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE

Constantine - Season 1

Deep down under the sewers of your own neighbourhood could be a baby snatching monster which is the sister of Eve. Hopefully there isn’t but in case there is John Constantine is the person to call if you’re desperately in need of help. But then again he should’ve already taken care of the problem in this week’s episode. Let’s hope again that he did.

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McFarlane Releases Upcoming ‘Spawn #250’ Original Pages


‘Spawn, the critical indie darling of the 1990’s, is celebrating it’s 250th issue soon. It’s posing a return to form, as Al Simmons, the original (and best) Spawn will return to the costume. Luckily enough for us, Todd McFarlane, the creator and writer, has released 3 original pages from the issue, and as always, they look pretty damn nice.

Spawn is the world’s highest selling Indie comic book, so for it to also reach 250 issues is a pretty big deal. It tells of a man resurrected, with mystical hell powers, but with a scarred, completely different body, so he cannot return to the one he loves. The 250th issue is a perfect jumping on point, so make sure you check it out!
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New Star Wars Characters Named

Director JJ Abrams has revealed the names of the core characters seen in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and it’s done in quite a unique way. Published via Entertainment Weekly, they’ve released a series of decidedly kitsch, 80’s style trading cards, with the names of each character on them. You can view those here, but we’ve broken it down for you below so it’s a bit easier to follow.

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