Cheat Sheet – Nightwing


Name: Richard John ‘Dick’ Grayson

Aliases: Robin (The Boy Wonder), Nightwing, Batman

Alignment: Good

Affiliations: Bat-family, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Justice League, Batman Inc.

Publisher: DC

Creators: Writers – Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Artist – Jerry Robinson (ha, ‘Robin’son)

First Appearance: Detective Comics #38 (1940)

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Extra Credit – Lazarus Pit

lazarus pitsWith the speculation of their existence on ‘Arrow’, as well as a follow-up to our recent Cheat Sheet on Ra’s al Ghul and because it’s a pretty awesome part of the DC Universe, today, we talk about the restorative powers of the Lazarus Pit(s).

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Cheat Sheet – Cyborg

Taking a break from Marvel; despite their aggressive but most definitely welcomed announcements of new comics and movies,  we still haven’t forgotten you DC! We remember the huge slate of movies you got planned for us and its about time we give you a little recognition. So this week, let’s get to know one of the lesser known members of the Justice League and soon to be star of his very own movie, Cyborg.


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