Guilty Pleasures: My Spawn Obsession


I’ve always held a soft spot for the hardcore, shallow ‘90s comics. Which is strange, because I didn’t grow up with them, so I don’t have the rose tinted lens of nostalgia to view them with. X-Force, Force Works, anything with the word Force, I always got a kick out of them. But the comic that always lingers at the edge of my mind, the series I keep coming back to, is Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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The Nightstand #2: A Gem Of A City


Sit down, get comfortable, and let us tell you all about our current reads in the Nightstand! We’ll be talking about the comics we’re reading at the moment, sharing our thoughts so you in the audience know what to, and what not to read. This series will be featuring guest writers, as we give you the low down on the best reads.

This week, I’m nearing the end of one of my new favourites these days – the 1990’s Starman series by James Robinson. I actually sought this series out on a whim after one of my David Bowie phases – I was listening to Starman, from Ziggy Stardust, and googled the name to see if there’s any history behind. I stumbled upon this character, and some of the magnificent art, and that it has been released in 6 lovely omnibus editions. I dove into the series, and immediately liked what I found.

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