The A-Z of Underrated Comic Runs: Conan (2004)


There’s a whole lot of comics out there. Unfortunately, with hundreds of releases every week, some hidden gems are bound to get swept under the rug. We’re here to bring you what we consider to be some of the best underrated comic runs.

Note: This is limited to material I own/have read, so if you feel like I’ve missed out on better stories, don’t get too hurt. Or better yet, tell me in the comments, and let me know about it!

Well, it’s been some time since the last instalment, but fear not, faithful readers (yes, the two of you), we’re still working! Last time, we looked at the parody type series, The Boys, where this time, we’re venturing into an age of high fantasy! We’ll be looking at one of my personal favourites of writer Kurt Busiek’s work, his run on Conan for Dark Horse.

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Comic Reviews 26/3/15


Welcome, fellow comic enthusiasts, to another week of raving, raucous, ravenous reviews! This week we’ve got a reboot of classic ’80s cartoon Jem, written by novelist Kelly Thompson! On top of that, we’ve got more Darth Vader, Multiversity, Gotham Academy, and more to come! If you like fun, and nice things, read on and find out the verdict!

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Comic Reviews 12/2/15


Welcome to this week’s reviews of books with pictures that we enjoy! It’s a big week this time around, as we have the debut issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader series! On top of that, we have more Conan/Red Sonja, Thor, Secret Six, and more! It’s been a great year for comics so far, and i think it’s safe to say this week holds up! Read on and find out the verdict!

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Comic Reviews 15/1/15


Welcome to another week of good old Comic Book reviews! This week we’re treated to something special, something that has been hyped up for some time now – Marvel’s Star Wars series debut! Along with that, we have a crossover between Conan and Red Sonja, the fan favourite Batgirl series still rolling along, and more! As always, read on and find out the verdict!

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