The A-Z of Underrated Comic Runs: Aquaman (1994)


There’s a whole lot of comics out there. Unfortunately, with hundreds of releases every week, some hidden gems are bound to get swept under the rug. We’re here to bring you what we consider to be some of the best underrated comic runs.

Note: This is limited to material I own/have read, so if you feel like I’ve missed out on better stories, don’t get too hurt. Or better yet, tell me in the comments, and let me know about it!

What better way to start it, than with one of history’s most underrated characters, Aquaman? Scorned ever since his appearance in the ‘80s cartoon Super Friends, he’s often referred to as the joke of the Justice League, the ‘weird guy who talks to fish’. Aquaman takes a lot of flak from other writers. Luckily for him, he’s had some very dedicated talents over the years, working hard to expand his lore and help him reach his potential.

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A Convergence of Thoughts – Week 1


Welcome to our roundup of DC’s latest line of comics – The Convergence series! We’ll be doing short reviews on as many of these titles as we can, giving you a quick review to guide you in your buying process. It’s a solid start this week, with mostly good titles, let’s hope they can keep the momentum!

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Finding Convergence confusing? Let DC clear it all up for you.

Earlier this week, our resident DC critic James said in his review of Convergence #0 – ‘I don’t really get what’s going on yet, and I should probably read up on what’s meant to happen in it, but what I read was good.’ This seems to be the general consensus for most new readers on the series, and even a few followers like myself. Luckily, DC’s Dan DiDio has taken some time out to help readers catch up and adjust for the series.

It’s a quick video, only 2.5 minutes, but gives a detailed look at the characters and plot threads leading up to Convergence. The convoluted nature of the series might put off readers, which is sad, especially for a series displaying so much intrigue. Plus, it’s the comic debut of veteran TV writer Jeff King, who’s work on Stargate and Star Trek has no doubt prepped him for this kind of writing.

Convergence #0 hit last week, and will be continuing as a weekly series, so make sure to catch up!

‘Arrow/Flash’ Spinoff adds Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter to cast


The ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ spinoff show in the works is gaining considerable momentum in it’s development. Announced via CBR, The CW show has cast two more roles of it’s previously 3 described new characters, and it’s paid off for some internet theorists. Broadway actor Ciara Renée has been cast in the role of Kendra Sunders, AKA Hawkgirl. Later on, CBR revealed Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill was cast as enigmatic time-traveller Rip Hunter.

It seems like we’ll be expanding the previously ‘no powers’ universe of Arrow, to great extent if we’re using characters like these. As previously stated, Rip Hunter is a time-traveller, which is a concept recently used in the TV universe. Hawkgirl, however is “a young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries”. This will certainly add a mystical element to the show, and hopefully they’ll be able to handle this diversity.

The spinoff show will also be starring Brandon Routh as The Atom, Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, Dominic Purcell as Heatwave, Victor Garber as Martin Stein, and Caity Lotz as a presumably Canary type character, following her ‘death’ on Arrow. It will most likely debut midseason next year, being outside the current pilot cycle, and will be helmed by Andrew Kreidberg, Marc Guggenheim, and Greg Berlanti.

DC’s Convergence Plot Revealed


The folks at DC comics just won’t stop coming at us with amazing material (or ways to empty our wallets) for the new 52. It’s arguably the best approach DC has done with their comics, depending on which perspective we look at it. Either way, you can’t deny that there’s always something going on in the new 52 universe. DC’s new upcoming miniseries offers readers to read from different perspectives and most interestingly…from characters you probably didn’t know existed?

Directly after Futures End, new 52 will be jumping right into the next new event…CONVERGENCE. But what exactly is Convergence?

Convergence will feature 40 different two issue miniseries while the DC universe of new 52 takes a break. 10 comics will be released each week as it happens. The miniseries, under the Convergence titles, will each focus on different perspectives and aspects of the story line as well as starring all some of your favourite heroes. It’s going to be extremely exciting seeing heroes from all eras which include the pre flashpoint incarnations. The main story plot will be directed by 9 issues in the Convergence miniseries.

The plot of Convergence was before a mystery until the great folks at DC entertainment decided to release the synopses of the first 4 issues. If you’re ready to be spoiled…READ AHEAD! Or skip to the last paragraphs if you’re not ready.

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The Bookmark #6: Because I’m Batman

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Welcome back, to our ”memorable moment’ column, The Bookmark! Here, we spotlight our favourite moments in comic book history, the build up towards them, and the effect they had on both us as an audience, and the future of the comic. We try to include a range of comics, from past to present, so you guys get a chance to see all different kinds of eras!

It’s back! Finally! My columns have been on something of a break over the new year, so I haven’t published anything like this in a while. Exactly a month and a day, from what my calender tells me! But enough of that, let’s get down to business. Today, I’m spotlighting something of a modern classic by legendary wordsmith Grant Morrison. We’ll be taking a look at what is widely regarded of the high point of his Batman run, Batman R.I.P.

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DC’s “Vixen” To Star In CW Arrow-verse Animated Show


KSiteTV reports that an animated series based off the lesser-known DC character Vixen will be joining “The CW Seed” initiative this Fall. It will be connected to the worlds of The CW’s shows Arrow and The Flash, as they also feature on the promo art for Vixen.

Vixen first appeared in the 80’s, in Action Comics #521, real name Mari Jiwe McCabe. Her powers stem from a mystical totem, that grants her the powers of one animal at a time, not unlike Animal Man. The promo states this:

“Originally from Africa, Mari’s parents were killed by local greed, corruption, and wanton violence. But the orphaned Mari refuses to succumb to the terrors surrounding her.

Inheriting her family’s Tantu totem, Mari can access the powers of animals — anything from the super-strength of a gorilla to the speed of a cheetah. As Vixen, she fights valiantly to protect the world from threats like those that claimed her family.”

We’ll hear more about this show as it draws closer to the date, plus there’s some promo pictures below. Thoughts, anyone?

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