Guilty Pleasures: My Spawn Obsession


I’ve always held a soft spot for the hardcore, shallow ‘90s comics. Which is strange, because I didn’t grow up with them, so I don’t have the rose tinted lens of nostalgia to view them with. X-Force, Force Works, anything with the word Force, I always got a kick out of them. But the comic that always lingers at the edge of my mind, the series I keep coming back to, is Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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Comic Reviews 5/3/15


Welcome to another week of magnificent, meticulous Reviews! Today, we have a few new debut series, including All-New Hawkeye, Princess Leia, and more! Sadly though, with all these new series, some older ones have to go, so we’ll be saying farewell to one of our favourites, Swamp Thing. On top of that, a few other continuations of current series. Read on and find out the verdict!

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Comic Reviews 19/2/15


Welcome folks, to another week of comic reviews! This week showcases a lot of our favourites, plus some that are unfortunately doomed to cancellation in the near future! Thankfully, this hasn’t been hurting their quality, as many still hold up next to other books in their publishing, and we’ll be sad to see them go. Plus, more indie love with Tooth & Claw, and Morrison’s Multiversity! Read on, friend, and find out the verdict!

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Comic Reviews 29/1/15


Welcome to this week’s buying, reading, and subsequent reviewing of comics! It’s a big week for us, with continuations of some favourites, the return of some of last year’s best series, and even a new Marvel book! There’s a whole lot this week to find, and we’ll also be carrying over from last week our regular addition of reviews as we read them. Basically, check back semi regularly, as we could have a few more books up. In any case, readers, read on and find out the verdicts!

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Comic Reviews 22/1/15


Welcome to this week’s comic reviews! Today we have a few number ones, as well as the continuations of a few favourites! We’ll be regularly updating this with more reviews if we can from now, considering that we actually sometimes read more during the day. Nonetheless, it’s another good week from everyone (surprisingly, no Marvel comics on the schedule – we’ll try to remedy that however), and a continuation of a great year for comics. Read on and find the verdict

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Brian Wood Not To Write “Spawn” Anymore


BleedingCool reports that Brian Wood (DMZ, Moon Knight, Star Wars), will not be a part of Spawn’s ‘new direction’ anymore. Wood was set to take over series creator Todd McFarlane as a part of the return of the original Spawn, Al Simmons. Alongside Jonboy Meyers, the team were to being with “Spawn Resurrection #1”, set to release in February, and continue with “Spawn #251” in March. However, he was taken off the book after raising concerns with some of his plot being rewritten. We have his full statement to Bleeding Cool:

“For the sake of readers and retailers who read the current Image solicits (March 2015), I just want to sent out a little PSA and say that I am not the writer of Spawn #251.  I’m actually not the writer of the Spawn title after all.  I delivered, to spec, the script for February’s Spawn Resurrection #1 special but raised objections to the considerable extent to which my script and the larger plot was being rewritten during production.  I was then removed from the job.  I’m not trying to complain or spark drama, but I do think that the audience and the retailers laying down money for the book should be aware when there is a creative team change, especially this close to the book’s release.  I’m sorry to anyone who was looking forward to my work on Spawn – its a bummer for me too.”

It’s a disappointment that such a quality writer was taken off the book. However, it’ll be interesting to see how Image react to this publicly, especially so close to the release date. In any case, we’re eager to find out who’ll be taking the reigns of Spawn next. Here’s the Resurrection cover art, by Jonboy, below:

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