5 Great, Accessible Avengers Runs for Beginners

With the release of the Age of Ultron, the Avengers have reclaimed their post in being one of the most popular superhero franchises. So what better time to get into the comics? There’s a whole 50 years of content worth exploring, with plenty of lore and battles to read about. However, it can be a little daunting to find a good run, or even an easy access point.

We’ve decided to make the job a little easier for you guys. Compiled here is a list of what we think are the most accessible, and also quality Avengers runs. We’ve tried to spread it out over the decades, so you can get a taste of how the team was in every era. Die-hard fans, bear in mind that some of your favourite runs may not be included, as they can be a bit too reliant on past lore. We’ll get to yours later.

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Free Comic Book Day 2015: The Sydney Guide


That’s right folks, you’ve seen people click attending all over your newsfeeds, you’ve heard it whispered by scared workers in bookstores – Free Comic Book Day is drawing nigh. And most of you might be wondering – “Free comic books? What the heck, and where can I find this?” Well, fear not, Sydney-goers, us good men at Super Team have decided to point you in the right direction.

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Comic Reviews 26/3/15


Welcome, fellow comic enthusiasts, to another week of raving, raucous, ravenous reviews! This week we’ve got a reboot of classic ’80s cartoon Jem, written by novelist Kelly Thompson! On top of that, we’ve got more Darth Vader, Multiversity, Gotham Academy, and more to come! If you like fun, and nice things, read on and find out the verdict!

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Veteran Punisher writer Garth Ennis returns to the character in prequel series

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Irish comics writer Garth Ennis will be returning to a longtime character of his, The Punisher, but not in a way you’d expect. The writer is infamous for his gory, excessively violent stories (see: Preacher, The Boys), and he got to go all out with this character, for about 10 years.

Now he’s coming back, but with a different approach this time. The series, titles ‘The Platoon’, will focus on Frank Castle’s early days in the Vietnam war, before he took up the Punisher title. It will be published under the Marvel MAX imprint, and will most likely feature no giant white skulls, or significant Marvel characters. Garth Ennis revealed the details at an Avatar Press conference for London Super Comic Con on Saturday, as Bleeding Cool reports. He will be collaborating with previous artist Goran Parlov, who’s since worked on titles like Mark Millar’s Starlight.

It’ll be interesting to see a younger, more inexperienced Frank, as largely all of the titles he’s featured in depict a grizzly, disturbed war veteran. And with Ennis’ penchant for interesting character development, I’m sure it’ll be quite a ride watching him transform into this character. Sure, it’ll be largely a Vietnam War story with Marvel’s deadly vigilante slapped on, but if anyone can make it interesting, it’s Garth Ennis.

Kingpin bares his teeth in latest “Daredevil” trailer

The latest trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series has hit, and it’s a big one. Expanding more on the grim outlook of Hell’s Kitchen, we’re placed in the shoes of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, and suffice to say, I’m quaking with excitement. He looks like a great fit for the role, and I seriously can’t wait to see him make Matt Murdock’s life a living hell (sorry, Daredevil, it’s inevitable).

Also good news – if you’re an Australian or New Zealand resident wondering how on earth you’ll be getting your mitts on this, fear not – Netflix is coming to our side of the globe! Yes, Netflix has promised they’ll be dropping by March 24th, which gives us plenty of time to binge some TV shows and movies before Daredevil.

The complete series will be hitting the streaming service on April 10th.

Comic Reviews 5/3/15


Welcome to another week of magnificent, meticulous Reviews! Today, we have a few new debut series, including All-New Hawkeye, Princess Leia, and more! Sadly though, with all these new series, some older ones have to go, so we’ll be saying farewell to one of our favourites, Swamp Thing. On top of that, a few other continuations of current series. Read on and find out the verdict!

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