The A-Z of Underrated Comic Runs: Aquaman (1994)


There’s a whole lot of comics out there. Unfortunately, with hundreds of releases every week, some hidden gems are bound to get swept under the rug. We’re here to bring you what we consider to be some of the best underrated comic runs.

Note: This is limited to material I own/have read, so if you feel like I’ve missed out on better stories, don’t get too hurt. Or better yet, tell me in the comments, and let me know about it!

What better way to start it, than with one of history’s most underrated characters, Aquaman? Scorned ever since his appearance in the ‘80s cartoon Super Friends, he’s often referred to as the joke of the Justice League, the ‘weird guy who talks to fish’. Aquaman takes a lot of flak from other writers. Luckily for him, he’s had some very dedicated talents over the years, working hard to expand his lore and help him reach his potential.

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“Spider-Man 2099” Cancelled, “Secret Wars 2099” Announced



In some sad yet strange news, IGN announced that another of Peter David’s excellent ongoings, Spider-Man 2099, is coming to a close. Following the recent cancellation of All-New X-Factor, the writer is having a lot of his work wrapped up early. However, this will be replaced by the new Secret Wars 2099 series, depicting a 2099 Avengers that never appeared in the original 2099 line. He’s joined once again by the Spidey collaborator Will Sliney, who has also released some early character designs.

The team will be working for Alchemax, the tyrannical company of the era. It’ll be a bit more corporate than the Avengers of today, but somewhat similar to David’s All New X-Factor.

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