The A-Z of Underrated Comic Runs: The Boys (2006)


There’s a whole lot of comics out there. Unfortunately, with hundreds of releases every week, some hidden gems are bound to get swept under the rug. We’re here to bring you what we consider to be some of the best underrated comic runs.

Note: This is limited to material I own/have read, so if you feel like I’ve missed out on better stories, don’t get too hurt. Or better yet, tell me in the comments, and let me know about it!

Last time, we looked at one of the genre’s most overlooked superheroes, Aquaman. This time, we go to the other end of the spectrum. The Boys is a recent work by controversial Irish writer Garth Ennis (Preacher), and artist Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan). Famous for his outward loathing of the superhero genre, Garth Ennis puts his all into this book. With despicable superhero characters, and a no-nonsense bastard team to combat them, The Boys is the literal manifestation of Ennis’ anger. It’s a combination of political commentary, humour, satire, and all out super-being action, penned with the dark and beautiful vision of Darick Robertson.

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BOOK CLUB: Preacher Book 6


We’ve decided to to dedicate some longer posts to reviewing TPBs, collections and hardcovers of all kinds. Since a lot of stories are best told as a long form, we feel it’s necessary to review them as a whole. Today, Patrick’s reviewing a new collection of the final story from the classic 1990’s series Preacher. Hilarious, Tarantino-esque and remarkably bold, he explores the deeper meanings of this series, and how it finishes up.

The measure of a great action comic is how close it can come to absurdity, only to pull up the reins at the last second, and deliver something genuinely awesome. The Preacher series has so far been pretty good at this: a gigantic fat man falling from a helicopter to crush the descendant of Christ? Absurd.  How about a lone gunman taking on an entire army of fanatic Christian militants? Fairly awesome. Continue reading