Comic Reviews 29/1/15


Welcome to this week’s buying, reading, and subsequent reviewing of comics! It’s a big week for us, with continuations of some favourites, the return of some of last year’s best series, and even a new Marvel book! There’s a whole lot this week to find, and we’ll also be carrying over from last week our regular addition of reviews as we read them. Basically, check back semi regularly, as we could have a few more books up. In any case, readers, read on and find out the verdicts!

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Comic Reviews 8/1/15


Welcome folks, to the first real week of comic releases for the New Year! And what a week! We have a bunch of new series starting, continuations of some favourites from last year, and more! It’s a solid start to the year from all publishers, so read on, and check out the verdict to your favourite comic!

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Comic Reviews 1/1/15


Happy New Year, everyone! Yes that’s right, it’s 2015, and what a year we have in store for us! But today, each publisher has taken a psuedo break, releasing a meagre amount of stories for us. Nonetheless, we picked a few good ones, and reviewed them just for you guys. We’ve got a brand new S.H.I.E.L.D. comic from the brilliant Mark Waid, and a few new, unseen stories from Alan Moore’s Miracleman universe. As always, read on and find out the verdicts!

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Merry Christmas from the Team!


Happy holidays guys! Hope you’ve all been treated well with gifts, and are spending quality time with your family. The team have all been chilling out and enjoying the holiday, so alas, there will be no reviews today. However, you can expect to see them hopefully by tomorrow, but because of our busy day jobs, it’s uncertain. But for you guys, we’ll try. ❤

An update on what’s to come – We’ll be publishing our favourites of 2014, a video on the best movies of 2014 is also in the works (from our newest member Brendan! Yay!), and a whole bunch more! So for today, relax, read all the comics that’ve been piling on your shelf, and enjoy the holidays.

Love from the Super(b) Team.

BOOK CLUB: Preacher Book 6


We’ve decided to to dedicate some longer posts to reviewing TPBs, collections and hardcovers of all kinds. Since a lot of stories are best told as a long form, we feel it’s necessary to review them as a whole. Today, Patrick’s reviewing a new collection of the final story from the classic 1990’s series Preacher. Hilarious, Tarantino-esque and remarkably bold, he explores the deeper meanings of this series, and how it finishes up.

The measure of a great action comic is how close it can come to absurdity, only to pull up the reins at the last second, and deliver something genuinely awesome. The Preacher series has so far been pretty good at this: a gigantic fat man falling from a helicopter to crush the descendant of Christ? Absurd.  How about a lone gunman taking on an entire army of fanatic Christian militants? Fairly awesome. Continue reading