5 Great, Accessible Avengers Runs for Beginners

With the release of the Age of Ultron, the Avengers have reclaimed their post in being one of the most popular superhero franchises. So what better time to get into the comics? There’s a whole 50 years of content worth exploring, with plenty of lore and battles to read about. However, it can be a little daunting to find a good run, or even an easy access point.

We’ve decided to make the job a little easier for you guys. Compiled here is a list of what we think are the most accessible, and also quality Avengers runs. We’ve tried to spread it out over the decades, so you can get a taste of how the team was in every era. Die-hard fans, bear in mind that some of your favourite runs may not be included, as they can be a bit too reliant on past lore. We’ll get to yours later.

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Comic Reviews 29/1/15


Welcome to this week’s buying, reading, and subsequent reviewing of comics! It’s a big week for us, with continuations of some favourites, the return of some of last year’s best series, and even a new Marvel book! There’s a whole lot this week to find, and we’ll also be carrying over from last week our regular addition of reviews as we read them. Basically, check back semi regularly, as we could have a few more books up. In any case, readers, read on and find out the verdicts!

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Comic Reviews 11/12/14


Welcome, dear followers, to another good old week of Comic book reviews! Today we have the fan favourite Batgirl covered in… glitter and sequins? Axis is back, and kicking true to it’s form, Injustice is continuing it’s foray into despair, and a new series from underdogs Valiant Entertainment! We’ve got a lot lined up for you today, so as per usual, read on and find out the verdict!

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“Ultron Forever” Announced, Introduces Time-Travelling Avengers Team


Announced at Hero Complex, Marvel are bringing next year’s Avengers villain to the forefront of comics with “Ultron Forever”.

This 3-part story with be written by Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers), and penned by industry superstar Alan Davis (Savage Hulk). It will take place throughout 3 issues – “Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1, “New Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1 and “Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1. On top of Ultron, it looks as though we’ll be introduced to a new, time-travelling Avengers team – one made up of alternate hosts to our favourite Marvel heroes. Set in a dystopian future 50 years from now, controlled by Ultron, we hope it doesn’t go down the same path the unfortunate “Age Of Ultron” did.

The team will be comprised of Thor, in particular, the Thor made infamous from Walt Simonson’s run, beard and all, The Vision, Black Widow, an early Jack Kirby-esque Hulk, James Rhodes as Iron Man, the new Thor, and a new Captain America from the future – Danielle Cage, the grown up daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

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Comic Reviews 13/11/14


Welcome to another week of good old comic reviews! And what a lineup we have for you this week! We’re totalling 6 reviews, featuring more adventures from the fan-favourite Batgirl, the new, rather feminine Thor, a new original series about a superhuman created from a second Big Bang, just to name a few!

So what’ll be the verdict? As usual, read on to find out!

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