Guilty Pleasures: My Spawn Obsession


I’ve always held a soft spot for the hardcore, shallow ‘90s comics. Which is strange, because I didn’t grow up with them, so I don’t have the rose tinted lens of nostalgia to view them with. X-Force, Force Works, anything with the word Force, I always got a kick out of them. But the comic that always lingers at the edge of my mind, the series I keep coming back to, is Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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McFarlane Releases Upcoming ‘Spawn #250’ Original Pages


‘Spawn, the critical indie darling of the 1990’s, is celebrating it’s 250th issue soon. It’s posing a return to form, as Al Simmons, the original (and best) Spawn will return to the costume. Luckily enough for us, Todd McFarlane, the creator and writer, has released 3 original pages from the issue, and as always, they look pretty damn nice.

Spawn is the world’s highest selling Indie comic book, so for it to also reach 250 issues is a pretty big deal. It tells of a man resurrected, with mystical hell powers, but with a scarred, completely different body, so he cannot return to the one he loves. The 250th issue is a perfect jumping on point, so make sure you check it out!
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